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Financial Fraud Analytics

Regulatory and compliance risks due to non-compliance, Fraudulent activities, including theft or product substitution, Security risks to your team or facility, Bank Fraud, Statutory Fraud

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White Collar Investigations

Gathering, preserving, certifying, and analyzing evidence to aid in the discovery of facts and the identification of those involved, Legal assistance in both criminal and civil cases.

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Computer Forensic Services

Forensic Imaging , Onsite Live Forensic ,Support Analysis of Windows. Linux. Mac Operating Systems ,Keyword Search, Indexing, Email Analysis, Link Analysis, Activity Analysis, Database Analysis

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IT Development & Security

Compliance ISO27001, ISMS, PCI-DSS, SOXITGC, NIST, Cyber Risk, OT, TPR, ASD, NESA, NIST, CSA, IS policy, ZTA,BCP/DR, Firewall audit, Infrastructure Security Testing ,Testing & Custom Development

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